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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hereford United 1924-2014? Last Chance To See...

In August 2014, Hereford United will celebrate 90 years since it's first match.

On Monday, it may cease to exist.

Saturday's home match with Salisbury may be the final game for the club. A club that has had to fight for it's very existence from the outset. As a toddler it needed a helping hand to walk. In the teenage years it battled against the outbreak of war.

In it's thirties it took handouts from the Bulls 'family' to keep it going, before a nasty fall down the divisions in it's mid-50's left it in intensive care and it needed to be nursed back to health. Another fall, aged 70, almost finished it but for the stubbornness of the family.

Now, aged 89, the old patient is in need of one more injection although the doctors argue over what is best.

Saturday could be your last chance to see Hereford United before it is gone forever.

Don't miss out.