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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Three Weeks To First Friendly

Three weeks today, the Bulls will open their pre-season campaign at Leominster Town.

Martin Foyle currently has nine players announced as having signed up for the campaign, but has four or five more lined up for deals according to interviews earlier in the week.

The forums, and Twitter, have been flowing with names of these additional players. It is expected that they are all currently with Football League sides, and still being paid until the end of the month, so will not be announced until the last ounce of their current deals have been drained - a tactic well used during the Bulls' previous Conference stay.

Meanwhile, former Bull Stuart Fleetwood did a Q&A session with Luton fans last night. In it, the striker said he had turned down moves to both the SPL and a League Two side due to the distances involved in travelling from his family.