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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Plenty Of Work Needed Inside Edgar Street

The View From The Meadow End
There is plenty of work that needs to be done inside Edgar Street which in part looks as though it has been abondoned.

No doubt the new regime will get the Stadium ready for football by Mid-July but it will be a challenge.

In essence nothing has been done since early December when the last home match took place. Even then there were signs that routine maintenance both on the pitch and off it wasn't being carried out.

Work required on the pitch will have to wait for several weeks at least as electrical work on the stands will require use of cherry pickers. And before the electrical work can take place, there are asbestos problems to be dealt with.

Worn-Out Canteen
On top of that the canteens are past their sell-by date and will have to be removed.

Club director Martin Watson gave Bulls News an update.

"The asbestos crew are in at the moment," said Watson.

The Asbestos Staff
"They are working seven days a week to take the asbestos out of the rooves in the main stand.

"The Council are sorting that. That will take a couple of weeks to sort out.

"Obviously nothing else can be done to the stand while that is going on.

All This Area Including The Board Room Is 'Out Of Bounds' Until The Removal Of Asbestos Is Completed
"Then we have got to sort the electrics out on all three sides. That could take another month to do. There are quotes in place which are being evaluated.

"Beyond that there is the drainage. There are issues with the drainage which the Council have identified during their checks so that has got to be looked at as well. They will take on a certain proportion of the cost. There is a still a lot of negotiation at this stage as small things arise.

Parts Of The Pitch Look Patchy
"Then there is the pitch which needs work done on it as soon as possible but with the electrical work we've got to have cherry pickers and the like on the pitch to do it so it's got to be carefully planned.
Whilst Other Areas Look Lush
"The FA came in on Wednesday and took a look at the pitch and gave their recommendations. Just an independent view just to tell us what position we're in with the pitch. Obviously it hasn't had a lot of maintenance, it's looking quite dry, it needs some work to bring it back up to standard.

"The HFA had a groundsman workshop last Wednesday night and they got their guy who was presenting that to come over and have a look around.

Corroded Junction Box
"There are junction boxes at the top of the flood lights that need to be replaced. Apparently when they were done they put the wrong boxes up there and they have corroded. Because it's up the top they've got to go and get steeplejacks to do it and that's £1000 per day for steeplejacks that we've got to spend.

The Roof Might Be Leaking But The Flowers Look Well
"There are three flat rooves that are leaking. The one that runs across the VP club and boardroom that's got several leaks in it.The Starlite Rooms roof has got a leak in it and the main office roof is also leaking in the corner which has caused quite substantial damage.

Water Damage Can Be Seen On The Floor Of The Office
"Again that's jobs that have to be done before the electrics can be done."

Any chance of any insurance?

"We're looking at every way but I suspect with the age certainly with the office roof and the boardroom roof it's going to be put down to standard wear and tear.

"The Starlite roof was redone when the Starlite Rooms were refurbished. There is discussions going on as to whether there's a warranty or anything else or if we can get something done. Talks are on-going.

"There are various grants available but a lot of them depend on a longer lease. There have been suggestions of a 4G pitch but you have to have a ten year lease for that.

"There is a lot of money to spend."

This Office Window Will Need Attention
To matters football and Watson's role as football secretary.

"I've been working on getting the manager in and getting the pre-season schedule going. We've all got our individual jobs."

Finally will there be a big name coming to Edgar Street for a pre-season friendly?

"There's potential out there, there's a few contacts we are waiting for confirmation. One thing we have to be mindful of is that we are no longer a Conference side, we are down to step five.

"You only have to look at the pre-season schedules of other teams at this level to see what they get. To get FC United of Manchester who are not far off Conference North now, to get the Southern League South and West champions in Merthyr Town which will be a good game, Beadle versus Jenkins. 

"We've got quite a decent little pre-season schedule lined up. We would like a top level 'marquee' opponent but the level we are might preclude that but we've put questions out and we're hoping to get something back."

Stamped Articles Of Association Now Online

This from Hereford FC:

Hereford FC’s Articles of Association have now been uploaded to the Companies House website and are available to view.
The Articles were sent to Companies House at the end of March, but a backlog means they have only gone online today.
As Hereford FC’s Board had previously taken the decision to wait until the AoAs were formally stamped before publishing them, they are grateful for the patience shown by supporters over the past couple of weeks.
To save supporters downloading their own copies of the Articles of Association, a file is attached below that can be viewed by everyone.

Season Ticket Sales Surge To 538

Rob Selling A Season Ticket Earlier Today
Season ticket sales have surged to 538 after today's sales.

Volunteers Rob and Emma served a steady stream of supporters as the 500 ticket barrier was broken around Noon.

Volunteer Co-ordinator Ken Kinnersley was busy clearing out the club offices, and he will visit FC United of Manchester again this week to see how they do things.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cornes And Hacker Found!

Following Ron Parrott’s appeal for contact details for two former players, Stuart Cornes and Mark Hacker, readers of Bulls News have come up trumps and produced phone numbers for both players, Stuart is now living in the Forest of Dean and working in banking in Gloucestershire whilst Mark is now living in Bristol.

Cheltenham Town are planning a celebratory reunion of their playing squad that won the Southern League championship 30 years ago and they are delighted that United fans have helped them track down the only two players that they were unable to trace. Ron has spoken to them and they have both sent their very best wishes to everyone at Hereford FC.

Ron would also like personally to thank everyone who took the trouble to respond to his appeal.

Office Open For Season Ticket Sales Tomorrow

The office at Edgar Street will be open from 10am tomorrow morning for the sale of season tickets.

With today's news that Peter Beadle is to be Hereford FC's first manager, it is hoped that there will be some extra interest in ticket sales, hopefully enough to push sales over the 500 mark.

Supporters are reminded they can also apply for season tickets on-line at:

Meanwhile Hereford FC chairman Jon Hale has noted that a family of 2 adults and 2 children would pay an average of £14.76 per game if they all bought a season ticket.

Beadle Very Excited About Hereford FC

Peter Beadle Talking To The Local Press At Edgar Street After The Game Against Alfreton In April 2014
Peter Beadle, Hereford FC's first manager, has said he is very excited about his new job.

"I'm very very excited about the project ahead of us," Beadle told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"We've got an awful lot of hardwork to get through between now and the first game of the season whichever league we will be in and whichever date that is, but we can't wait to get started.

"I wanted to get back into football as quickly as I could and obviously with the football club starting again it does hold a special place for me with regards to what I achieved there last year with the youth team and also with the first team at the end of the season.

"Looking at the size of the project it was one I really wanted to do and a job that I could do and so put my name in for it and went through a rather long process but at the end it's turned out the right way for me.

"I had my first interview five weeks ago and I thought it went quite well but obviously you never know what other applicants are in for the job and the club have done an excellent job of keeping it as close to their chests as they can and without letting anybody know what was happening.

"Then I had to wait four and a half weeks to find out I had been fortunate to find out I had made the final two. Then I had a second interview at the beginning of the week and then found out the news on Wednesday.

"It was fantastic news and lots of emotion running through me at once, a bit of fear, apprehension, excitement but mainly just pride that I've been given the opportunity to get this club up and running again and hopefully guide it to where it wants and it should be."

Presenter Andrew Easton then asked about possible players for the new club.

"I got a list as long as my arms and legs at the moment of players you like to bring in and you work your way through that list.

"Not being involved in football since the early part of this season I've managed to get to quite a lot of games in at all levels and managed to see quite a few players.

"I've got a wish list that I'd like to bring in but we have to be careful and do things right because teams are still in their seasons with a couple of weeks to go.

"We have got our eye on a large amount of players. All players we feel that could do the job and wear the shirt with pride."

Easton suggested with good season ticket sales to date, Beadle will have the fans behind him.

"The fans have been fantastic and outside of thanking the board for giving me and Matt the chance to be part of the club when it starts but also a big thank you for the support I've had personally with people wishing me well and hoping I'd get the job.

"It has hit home the size of the project in hand and the size of the task we've got when in just a week with no phone lines or credit card machine we sell nearly 500 season tickets and that is phenomenal in itself and if we can have that support from the very start then I'm sure they will play a massive part in moving the club forward very quickly."

It will be all new players at Edgar Street next season?

"This is not the usual senario. When you go into a club you normally have a core of players whether it be half a dozen, a dozen. You normally have a start with a group of players.

"This is completely different. We are starting from scratch. We have no players signed to the club at the moment.

"So when we bring these players to the club they will take a little time to bed in as a lot of them won't have played together before.

"Some of them may know me, some of them may know Matt, some may know one another, but they will never have played together as a team.

"So we have got to make sure we hit the ground running as best we can. It's going to be a tough ask."

Beadle On H&W After 5pm

New Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle will be speaking live to BBC Hereford & Worcester this afternoon.

He will be appearing on the Andrew Easton Drivetime show after 5pm.

News Round-Up

Former Bulls trialist and current Newport striker Chris Zebroski has been jailed for four years and four months after admitting four charges of robbery, attempted robbery and assault relating to two separate incidents. The 28 year old had been on bail for the last five weeks after being involved in a drunken brawl and a previous road rage incident.

Cheltenham's Supporters Trust has voted to put the £220,000 bequest left by a fan into the club. The Trust will receive one seat on the club's board after club chairman Paul Baker warned that a no vote would potentially see the current board quit. 77% of just over 100 voters were in favour of handing the full sum over.

Braintree have announced that manager Alan Devonshire will leave them with immediate effect after he rejected a new contract with the club in favour of speaking to other clubs over a potential deal. The former West Ham man spent four years with the club, taking them to sixth place last season but this term they are 15th in the table.

Shrewsbury have reported a loss of £285,000 for the 13/14 season. The figure means they have lost £650,000 in the last two seasons combined and have already admitted to losing at least another £200,000 this term. Chairman Roland Wycherley says cash reserves at the club are around the £1million mark and that losses cannot continue. Gates at the club have dropped further this season, having recorded their lowest average in five years last term.

Oxford United have reported a loss of £1.4million for the 13/14 season on just £3.2m turnover, their third successive seven-figure loss. The club is now £8.5m in debt with losses not expected to improve for this season. 

Matthew Bishop Profile

Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop is joining Hereford FC as coach.

Bishop was Assistant manager to Dean Holdsworth at Football League club Aldershot from 2010 to 2013 and currently holds the position of holds the position as  FA National Coach Educator  (North West and West Midlands).

A UEFA Pro Licence holder with diverse coaching experience at both senior and youth level, he has been senior coaching co-ordinator with the Welsh Football Trust and course director of the highly regarded FAW/UEFA ‘A ‘Licence courses. He has also held senior coaching positions with Newport County, Cwmbran Town, Port Talbot and Bryntirion Athletic and coach to the Welsh U16 and U17 national squads.

In the 2013/14 season he assisted Porthmadog manager Gareth Parry. This season he is coach at Caernarfon.

Beadle's Got The Drive Says Watson

Peter Beadle Talking to BT Sport At Aldershot In April 2014
Hereford FC football secretary Martin Watson has spoken to BBC Hereford and Worcester about the appointment of Peter Beadle as manager of the new club.

"Beadle alongside Matt Bishop as coach provided the best team," said Watson,

"They put forward the best case, they were prepared to work within our parametres and more importantly Peter Beadle feels it is a job unfinished.

"He's got the drive, the ambition, the passion for the fans, he's got the fans backing.

"We had the Steve Guinan charity game about four weeks ago and everybody who came up to me and expressed a preference wanted Peter Beadle to be manager.

"That helped in our final decision but it wasn't the only factor. Matt Bishop is a fantastic coach, very well respected. They make a very good team.

"Beadle has already started to put together a squad.

"I've put together the start of the pre-season campaign, he's going to complete the job.

"He's going to talk to players who have already contacted the club about trials, he's already talking to people about playing next season.

"He's hit the road running."

Watson was asked if appointing Beadle 'was going with sentiment'?

"Not at all, not at all. 

"We had managers on the list that had very good records but ultimately they were just not right for us.

"About 62 people applied for the job.

"We've taken seven weeks to decide, we haven't rushed this job at all, we haven't gone from the outset, you're it.

"Beadle wanted the job, he expressed his desire for the job, he proved to us he could do the job and he brought a coach with him that also has proved he can do the job.

"This isn't one man we are picking up, it's two, it's a team.

"And that's what we are about at the moment.

"It's a team on the pitch, it's a team off the pitch, a team of supporters, a team of volunteers to get the ground ready and a team in the boardroom that hopefully don't mess these decisions up."

Peter Beadle Appointed Hereford FC Manager

This from Hereford FC:

We are delighted to announce that Peter Beadle has today been appointed manager of Hereford FC.

The appointment comes after a lengthy selection process that has lasted more than five weeks and seen a round of second interviews take place for those shortlisted after their first interview.

Beadle is a familiar face at Edgar Street as he was the manager who inspired Hereford United’s escape from relegation from the Conference Premier at the end of the 2013/14 by memorably winning the last two games – at home to Alfreton and then away at Aldershot on what was an unforgettable day for the club’s supporters.

Arriving at Edgar Street as Beadle’s assistant will be Matt Bishop, a hugely experienced coach who currently works as a Coach Educator for the Football Association. 

Bishop is a UEFA Pro Licence holder and, having featured for a number of Welsh Premier League clubs during his playing career, he has since gone on to be Assistant Manager at Newport County and Aldershot Town, and also for the Welsh Under 17 and England Under 20 teams.

Speaking about his appointment, Hereford FC’s new manager said:

‘I’m delighted and very proud to have been appointed as manager of Hereford FC and cannot wait to get started. 

‘Matt and I are hugely excited by the journey that lies ahead and although we are under no illusions about the challenges we will face in our new roles, we have no doubt that we are the right people to take this club forward.

‘It will come as no surprise to people when I say that Edgar Street has a special place in my heart and the support I have had from people who felt I should get this job has been truly humbling.

‘We have a lot of work to do between now and the start of the league season in August because we are going to be putting a squad together from scratch. However, with the contacts we have we believe we can put a squad together that Hereford FC supporters deserve after all the hard work that has been done by so many people to ensure football will be played at Edgar Street from the start of the 2015/16 season.

‘I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Hereford FC Directors for giving us this opportunity at Edgar Street – we will be doing all we can to prove their decision is the right one and give all supporters a team they can be very proud of.’

Meanwhile, Hereford FC’s Football Director, Martin Watson, has given his thoughts on Beadle’s appointment.

‘This is an extremely important decision for the club and one that we have taken a lot of time over. 

‘The calibre of the applicants we had for the job was excellent and all the people we interviewed came across well. The decision we faced was as hard as we expected which is why we decided to conduct a second round of interviews

‘However, in the end, we felt that the way Peter Beadle and Matt Bishop intend to work together as a team offered us the best possible chance of achieving the targets we are setting in terms of climbing up the leagues and we are delighted they have accepted our offer to become our management team.

‘Peter is obviously well known to football fans in Hereford, but Matt also comes highly recommended and has a great deal of experience to bring to the club. Gareth Davies – who has helped us with the interview process – knows Matt’s qualities as a coach and is really pleased with his appointment too.

‘I must thank Gareth for all the help he has given us over the past five weeks and there is no doubt the football knowledge he brought with him to the table was vital to the interviews we conducted. He was able to ask searching questions about the footballing philosophies of our candidates and that really helped us test each of them thoroughly.

‘As soon as is possible we intend to organise a Fans Forum with Peter and Matt at Edgar Street so they can be formally introduced to supporters, who can then listen to their plans for the future. 

‘There is no doubt that today is a significant day for the club and is one that only serves to build excitement for the future even more.’

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Manager To Be Revealed At 8.30am Friday

Hereford FC are set to reveal the name of the first manager of the new club tomorrow morning at 8.30am.

Final interviews were held with two potential managers earlier this week. Both are thought to have previous connections with Hereford.

Both BBC Hereford and Worcester and Sunshine Radio are expected to have live interviews with Hereford FC personnel shortly after the announcement.

UITC Youth Academy Team Trials

This from UITC:

United in the Community are inviting trialists for their successful Youth Academy Teams for the upcoming 2015/16 Season.

The Youth Academy teams will represent HFC in the Nerf Junior Premier League for the new season, the highest level of Junior Football available to Players in Herefordshire.

The Youth Academy teams have enjoyed a successful 2014/15 season with both the U15 and U16 age groups competing this weekend in National Cup semi finals.

UITC are looking to recruit for all age groups for the new season and are inviting trialists to attend over a five week training period starting on Monday the 20th of April 2015 and ending on Thursday the 21st of May 2015.

We are looking for current U11, U12, U13, U14 and U15 players who are looking to make the step up in their careers and challenge themselves at the highest level possible outside of the Professional Academy set up.
For more information or to register for the trial process please email -

News Round-Up

North Ferriby United are up for sale just a couple of weeks after they won the FA Trophy. The village side is owned by the daughter and son-in-law of unpopular Hull chief Assem Allam, with the pair saying they had taken the side as far as they can after two years of ownership that has seen them win promotion to Conf North and challenge in the play-offs last season.

Torquay owner Thea Bristow has opened takeover talks with an unnamed party. The club's Supporters Trust has make moves to prepare a bid but Bristow has now agreed a period of exclusivity with the mystery bidder. Kidderminster have announced that the club's board and shareholders have agreed to fund losses for the remainder of the season and the club will concentrate on raising funds for next season. 

Cheltenham chairman Paul Baker says the club will lose £200,000 this season, a similar sum to that lost last season. The club's ten year old Supporters Trust are to vote tonight on their level of investment into the club after a supporter left a £220,000 bequest to the Trust in their will. They have been offered a seat on the Board if they put the full amount in, but they are also considering lower levels of investment.

Farnborough have issued a statement following their relegation from Conf South in which they refer to their ongoing search for new investment. Owner Rob Prince wrote 'I have accepted numerous bids that turned out to be from time wasters from all over the world.' Andy Lonsdale was named as a potential investor in the club earlier in the season.

Bideford Face Winding Up Order

Bideford Town Last Autumn
Southern League South and West club Bideford Town are facing a winding up order. They are due to makle an appearance at the High Court on May 18th.

As in the recent case of Hereford United, who played in the same league, it's the HM Revenue and Customs who are behind the order.

It's not been revealed how much the club owes but the order has been issued after an 'inspection' of the clubs accounts.

476 Season Tickets Sold To Date

Hereford FC have reported that 476 season tickets have been sold to date.

The club office at Edgar Street will be next open this coming Saturday at 10am.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Admin For Meadow End Forum

The Meadow End Forum has a new administrator/moderator.

Ruthie Walkden has taken over the task from Jon Hale.

Hale set up the forum in 2011 but with his work as chairman of Hereford FC he felt it was time for someone else to take charge.

Youth Team Defeated By Chelsea

UITC's Youth Team lost their League game at Chelsea earlier today by two goals to one.

UITC could only take nine players because of 'educational commitments'.

Nevertheless they hit both the post and crossbar and perhaps deserved a draw.

UITC Whitsun Half Term Soccer Schools

This from UITC:

"United in the Community Whitsun Half Term Soccer Schools"
We are delighted to release our Whitsun Half Term Soccer School Dates:

Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th May 2015
Leominster @ Bridge Street Sports Centre, Bridge Street, Leominster, HR6 8EA

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th May 2015
Bromyard @ Mudwalls Sports Ground, Bishops Frome, WR6 5DB

Our courses cater for boys and girls aged from 4 to 14 years and are extremely flexible, you can choose to book daily or per course.
Our Soccer Schools have become a huge part of our local community over the years, with a vast number of children choosing to spend every holiday period with us.

Coaches will work with the players abilities and build on their basic football skills such as shooting, passing, dribbling and control.

· Fun educational sessions to enhance natural development and improve skill and technique
· Small sided games and mini tournaments to encourage team play
· Supervision throughout the day including lunch and toilet breaks
· Our FA qualified coaches are CRB checked and hold current certificates in Emergency Aid and Safeguarding Children
· Players coached within a 2/3 year age band according to ability

UITC promote Fair Play, Respect, Discipline & anti-bullying.

Coaches will also ensure the players understand the rules of the game and encourage the players to problem solve using a wide range of fun games and drills.

After lunch the players will be involved with small sided matches with children of a similar age range.

This daily course last for 5 hours. The sessions start at 10am and finish at 3pm, with regular breaks during the day for water, snacks and lunch.
One day is priced at £12 with two days priced at a discounted rate of £20,

To book your child onto or for any further information or alternatively call the United in the Community Office on 01432 632315

News Round-Up

Stockport have announced that manager Alan Lord has moved to a Director of Football role, with the search on for a new manager for next season. Club veteran Lord has had a variety of roles over the years, becoming manager in 2013. Since then the club has finished 14th in Conf North last season and are currently 12th this term with three games left.

The trial of Delroy Facey is expected to last three weeks at Birmingham Crown Court. Facey denied a charge of conspiracy to commit bribery, with the prosecution claiming on the first day of the trial that he was a 'fixer' and that "He was somebody who cast his net around to find players who might be willing to take part in match-fixing."

Both Nuneaton and Dartford have been relegated from the Conference after Tuesday night's games. Welling's 2-1 win over Wrexham means that neither the Boro nor the Darts can overhaul both the Wings and Alfreton, who are to face each other with two games left each to determine the final relegation spot with only Southport able to go down also.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Manager Interview This Evening

Hereford FC are interviewing the second candidate for the manager of the new club this evening.

The list was reduced to just two candidates last week and the first interview took place last night.

Football and Education Scholarship 2015/16

This from UITC:

Football and Education Scholarship 2015/16
We are now recruiting for the 'Football and Education Programme' 2015/16 cohort!

- Are you aged between 16 - 18 Years old?
- Would you like to study an educational qualification worth 3 A Levels while competing in a high standard of Football?

We have an unlimited number of scholarships available for the 2015/16 season for players wishing to join the successful Football and Education Programme.

Rob Purdie's successful youth team have achieved a high level of success in the PLFL this season, the most notable a 6-2 victory over Chelsea FC in the National Cup at their Cobham training base on Wednesday 3rd December 2014. Home games are played at the Victoria Park Training Ground. The Youth Team also players in the FA Youth Cup and the HFA Giantkillers Cup.

A Development Team also compete in the British Colleges Football League and currently sit mid table in the Mens 3H Category after a solid start to the season.

Students will engage in 6 Hours a week of practical training as well as a games programme, plus 12 hours of Education per week at the Robert Owen School on Blackfriars Street.

We will holding our second open evening this coming Thursday, the 16th of April at The Robert Owen Academy in Hereford starting at 5.30pm so why not come along and find out more about this exciting opportunity!

For more information regarding the Football and Education Programme, please visit:

Merthyr Pleased To Host Bulls

Merthyr Town secretary Jamie Mack says his club is pleased to be hosting the reborn Bulls.

Having gone through their own turmoil five years ago, the Penydarren Park outfit have assisted Hereford FC during their creation:

"The match will be one of Hereford FC's first games as a newly formed club. Representatives from both clubs have been in contact for some time with Hereford keen to learn from our experience having gone through a similar turn of events as we did 5 years ago. Representatives from both clubs have been discussing this match for some time, and we are delighted to announce the date."

FC United Of Manchester, Merthyr, And Wellington Added To Pre-Season

This from Hereford FC:

We are delighted to announce that Hereford FC will be entertaining FC United of Manchester at Edgar Street in our first pre-season home game on Saturday 11 July.

This match will kick off at 3pm and both clubs are very excited by the prospects for this prestigious fixture.

Representatives from FC United of Manchester have been hugely helpful to Hereford FC’s Volunteers Co-Ordinator Ken Kinnersley in recent times and this fixture has come about as a result of the relationship that has been built between the clubs.

Hereford FC Club Secretary, Martin Watson, said:

“To be able to host this game as our first back at Edgar Street is really pleasing and we believe it’s a very attractive for both sets of supporters.

“We hope the day proves a real celebration of fans ownership and what can be achieved by supporters pulling in the same direction.”

FC United of Manchester Board Member, Alison Watt, commented:

“In the summer that marks our tenth anniversary, we’re looking forward to being the first opponents to visit one of the newest fan-owned clubs.

“We wish Hereford FC every success as they begin on the same journey that we’ve enjoyed so much.”

Meanwhile, we are also pleased to announce two further additions to our pre-season schedule.

On Saturday 18 July we travel to Penydarren Park to take on Merthyr Town in a game that will see the gate receipts split between the two clubs, while on Tuesday 21 July we will make the short journey to Wellington to take on our near neighbours from just up the A49.

Further details about all these fixtures will be released at a later date.

Martin Watson continued:

‘These two games are also very attractive and we’re particularly pleased to make the commitment to travel to Merthyr.

‘Many people involved at Penydarren Park have been a fantastic source of information for us as we have gone through the process of setting up our club and we were very keen to organise a game against them as a mark of our gratitude and to cement the bond between the two clubs.

‘The match is likely to see us reunited with a number of old friends and we also look forward to congratulating Merthyr properly on winning the Southern League South and West Division this season.’

Three Pre-Season Friendlies To Be Announced This Morning

Hereford FC will announce three pre-season friendlies this morning. 

Already it has agreed to go to Malvern Town on July 7th and Saturday July 11th has been pencilled in as the date for the first home friendly at Edgar Street.

The club has received so many offers of friendlies that it has had to turn some requests down.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Prize Bull Draw 47

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.47 took place on Monday night. The winning numbers are 2, 7, 9, and 15. Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

More details on the Prize Bull Lottery and entry forms are on the Prize Bull Lottery page.

Two More Clubs Drop Out Of Step 4

Two further clubs have asked to drop out of Step 4 of the National League System this summer.

Following Norton United's resignation from the Northern Premier First Division South, both Brigg Town and Rainworth Miners Welfare have also had requests to drop down the pyramid accepted.

The pair will drop to Step 5, with a league statement saying no side will be relegated from the division this summer. Both clubs were already in the bottom three, with Brigg Town having suffered 12 successive losses - conceding six or more goals on six occasions during the run - and Rainworth's first win in six coming against Norton United at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Kidderminster have named Rod Brown as their new Chairman. The former Stourport and Redditch manager only joined the board four weeks ago to conduct a review of the business, and now steps up to replace former Redditch chairman Ken Rae.

Update From Hereford FC Chairman Jon Hale

Hereford FC chairman Jon Hale has given an update about what's happening at Edgar Street:

‘There is plenty to do to ensure Edgar Street is fit for purpose and the process to begin that work has already started.
‘The issue we face is that once Hereford United folded, any new club playing at Edgar Street has to start again in terms of meeting safety requirements, rather than simply being seen to maintain the standards previously in place.
‘Therefore, before we can allow public access to Edgar Street, a significant amount of work needs to be done by ourselves and the local authority.
‘Firstly there is a vast amount of electrical work to be done in the three stands we can use and this includes dealing with a number of issues relating to the emergency lighting. This may include a complete rewire in a number of parts of the Merton Stand and not just repair work.
‘In relation to other electrical matters, we also have to deal with the lightning protection that is needed for the floodlight pylons, while the lift in Addison’s also needs repairing as it is currently out of action.
‘Moving on, in several roof voids in the stadium asbestos needs removing, while an investigation must also take place into possible water contamination in some parts for the ground. Depending on what is found, clearly remedial work may well be required.
‘The work that needs doing means the stadium will not be open to the public for the foreseeable future, but there is a commitment from the club and the council to have all the necessary work completed by June 1 at the very latest. Hopefully it will be completed before that, but that is the deadline that has been set.’

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Kinnersley Promoted To Non-Executive Operations Director

Ken Kinnersley has been appointed non-executive Operations Director at Hereford FC. Previously he had been volunteer co-ordinator.

Chairman Jon Hale explained the appointment:

‘As I have explained, a number of repairs are required to the ground before we can achieve a safety certificate and allow members of the public into the stadium.
‘The transition period will need very close supervision and I am delighted to announce that Ken Kinnersley has accepted the Board’s offer to become non-executive Operations Director until September, when the position will be reviewed.
‘The role will continue to encompass the co-ordination of all the fantastic volunteers that we have had come forward, but will also see Ken oversee all of the electrical work and cosmetic work required around the ground until we reach conclusion. He will also liaise with the Herefordshire Council contractors who are doing their side of the work.
‘Ken has impressed us greatly in the short period of time he has been Volunteers Co-Ordinator and we believe he is a perfect and professional fit for this newly created, unpaid, role at the club.
‘He will ensure work is identified, delegated and completed on time which ultimately will ensure we have the ground ready for our pre-season programme.
‘It is another important cog in our forward progress and I am really pleased that Ken feels so strongly that he wants to take on this important role.’

News Round-Up

Former Kidderminster Director John Davies says he resigned from the Board as the club failed to pay staff and players on time. He says that Ernie and Kath Lane should have stumped up money to cover the bills before the bumper gate on the Easter weekend covered overdue wages, and told BBC H&W they were fully aware of how much more money was needed by the club. Davies says he doesn't know who is currently running the club in the wake of the three resignations.

Yeovil were relegated to League Two after a 1-1 draw with Notts County left them 13 points adrift of safety with just four games left to play. It was Paul Sturrock's first game in charge. Portsmouth have put Gary Waddock in temporary charge after manager Andy Awford stepped down after a year in the post. The League Two side are 14th in the table. Salisbury boss Steve Claridge has already put his name in for the job.