Friday, August 01, 2014

HUFC To Complete Pre-Season Against Saturday Amateur Team

Hereford United are to complete their pre-season campaign against Herefordshire Saturday League side Sinkums.

The game will take place at Edgar Street on Wednesday night but, with the safety certificate still to be put in place, may yet end up as a behind closed doors game.

Sinkums manager Tony Chadwick told the Hereford Times: “I had a phonecall on Wednesday from Neil Phelps at Hereford United and we have decided to arrange a game between us on Wednesday night under the floodlights."

“Hereford United played The Stagecoach last night and beat them 8-0 so it will be a good challenge for my lads."

The Stagecoach admitted on Twitter that 'it wasn't really a Stagecoach team' and that it was a mixed team also involving players from Wellington Colts.

Chadwick also told the paper: “We have one die-hard Hereford United fan, Wayne Milner, and he is deciding whether he wants to play in this match."

HUST - 11 Ex Bulls To Feature For Fans Team At Malvern Sunday

The HUST Fans Team makes it's second appearance of the season at Malvern Town FC on Sunday to face a Worcester City XI. Kick off is 2pm with doors open from Noon.

Tony James, Rob Purdie, David Titterton, Matt Clarke, Alex Jeannin, Peter Heritage, Scott Goodwin, Steve Guinan, John Snape, Jamie Edge and Callum Brennan along with 8 supporters who played in the Ledbury game and media man Jamie Griffiths will all be pulling on the Fans Team shirt during the match.
Rob Purdie will be player/manager, with Joel Edwards assisting him, Jonny Evans as Physio and Roger Lloyd continuing his Kit Man role. Mascots are Jamie Griffiths' children and Thomas Niblett, son of photographer Steve.

The Worcester City team, managed by former Worcester boss George Rooney, will feature current manager Carl Heeley and assistant (and ex-Bull) Matt Gardiner, plus several of their former players.

While there is no entry fee, a bucket for donations to each club's respective Supporters Trust will be on the turnstile, pay as much or as little as you like.

There are plenty of activities throughout the day including a bouncy castle and penalty shoot-out competition for the kids. Raffles, BBQ and a fully stocked bar.

It is sure to be a great day for the great fans of both clubs, and hopefully we can take the spoils in this local derby - hope to see you there!

The stadium is situated at:

Malvern Town Football Club
Langland Stadium
Langland Avenue
WR14 2EQ

New Betting Rules Come Into Force

The new betting rules have today been put in force by the FA.

The new rules cover the top eight divisions in England - from the Premier League down to the Southern League Division 1, a tier below Hereford United.

The rules prevent players, managers, club staff, and match officials from betting on any football related activity worldwide - from actual games to managerial appointments. The ban doesn't just include football staff, but anyone classed as a club employee from cleaners to bar staff, and matchday staff who receive any payment.

Darren Bailey, The FA’s Director of Football Governance and Regulation, said: “The FA constantly evaluates its rules and regulations in consultation across English football to ensure they meet the needs of the modern game. 

"This betting rule change to encompass all aspects of world football provides a simple, clear and straightforward message to all participants concerned, on where the line is drawn.  

"It is important to stress the rules form only one part of our overall framework for the regulation of betting and maintaining the integrity of the English game. 

"In addition to the monitoring of betting markets throughout the world, we continue to build on previous education programmes and communicate with all levels of the game.

"In doing so, we will further stress the collective responsibility that all those involved have in upholding the integrity of football in England."

Evans Is Fourth Bulls Player To Join Southport

Former Bulls loanee Micah Evans is the fourth member of last season's squad to join Southport this summer.

Evans joins the Sandgrounders alongside Dom Collins, Daniel Lloyd-Weston, and Richard Brodie after being released by Burnley. 

Former Bulls boss Martin Foyle told the club's official site: "Micah has trained well in pre-season. He will offer a great deal in variety of areas for us and I am delighted he has agreed to join us."

Evans, 21, played six times for the Bulls after signing on loan last November. 

Signing 13 Is Former Agombar Teammate

Signing number 13 for Hereford United has been named as Jonah Gregory.

The 22 year old has spent the last four years in the Essex Olympian League playing for Buckhurst Hill, a side based in Loughton, in the Step 7 league - on the same pyramid step as the West Midlands Regional League.

Gregory, a central defender, previously played with Harry Agombar in Loughton based Debden Sports' u18 Sunday side in the Chelmsford Youth League during the 2009/10 season.

Meanwhile, the side are understood to have played a game under floodlights, and behind closed doors, at Edgar Street last night. The opposition was reported to be the majority of a Sunday League side along with a few additions.

Bookies Cut Odds As Southern League Stutter

The bookies have cut the odds on Hereford United to win the Southern League after the competition lifted their transfer embargo.

While they have been cut to only a 50/1 shot, 22nd of the 24 clubs, with Bet365, BetVictor have reduced odds to 20/1 - putting the club into mid-table on the odds despite claims that they have twice the playing budget of their rivals.

St Neots remain the 7/2 favourites, with Cambridge City, Poole, and Weymouth all listed in single figures in places.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

UITC Youth Win Latest Friendly

The UITC u18 side continued their pre-season campaign with a 5-1 win over Lydbrook AFC last night.

The side, managed by Rob Purdie, scored through Alex Lillwall, Ryan Davies, Tom Gameson, James Obern and Carlos Moreira for their first win of pre-season.

UITC's next Soccer School is in Hereford on August 7th and 8th. Places, and more information, can be obtained by emailing

Meanwhile, Hereford United have announced 12 signings in total. All twelve are aged between 18 and 23, with the eldest, defender Kyle Knott, a trainee sports lecturer at Hartpury College.

With the three previously announced on BN, there is also Irish defender Paul Mahony who announced his signing on Facebook before deleting the post. Winger Javia Roberts, who was pictured on Twitter in HUFC kit, is also named.

Other names on the list are Daniel O'Reilly, Bilal Yafai, Joshua Oyibo, Jordan Jivanda, Nathanial Lewars, and Deqwon Ebanks, who had a brief spell with Tamworth last term.

Conscious Uncoupling

Gomez The Mexican Cat ponders...

The above phrase entered the public sphere when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation, yet it could apply to me as I face the season ahead.  If someone had told me I’d have fallen out of love with Hereford United on that magical afternoon at Aldershot, I’d have never believed them, yet this is now how I feel.

A friend, who fell out of love with his boyhood club told me that he’d gained a huge amount of time back in his life by abandoning his team, but I don’t want to do this. By now my social calendar should be full from August to April of trips to Hereford – day trips, long weekends back home - yet no visits to the city are planned.  It is hard to think I won’t be going to Edgar Street this season, but at present that is the way it is.  

Last season I, along with many, were so concentrated on the club retaining its Conference status, the details of the financial implosion almost seemed secondary.  Money was raised to keep the club out of the high court and I certainly thought the cure for our financial problems would be maintaining our Conference Premier status.  How naive that seems now.  With the various and continued chaos over this summer I for one can’t financially support it at present.  

That’s not to say I condemn anyone who plays for us or who goes along to Edgar Street to watch.  It’s not an easy decision and perhaps it is simpler for me as I live in London.  As I write today, the club’s transition to the Southern League seems to be going ahead, though as there doesn’t appear to be a current safety certificate, quite whether there will be a game at Edgar Street on 9th August remains to be seen.  

Away fixtures – do I go or not?  Even that’s a dilemma, but a level of curiosity and the inability to go “cold turkey” on the club I’ve followed for years, means I’ll probably go to games I can get to and from easily.  The clubs we visit haven’t done anything wrong, why shouldn’t they benefit financially from what can be at times quite a substantial away following.  

It should have been so different. If only the current ownership (whoever that is) had paid up straight away and kept us in the Conference – surely that was the absolute minimum required.  Did they not realise that owning a football club is a financially dicey business and with that financial commitment comes a duty of trust?  At any level in football, if you are incredibly lucky you might break even or make a small profit.  

The likes of Roman Abramovic can afford to take the financial hits but the further down the leagues you go, the harder it is.  But, do you ever “own” a club or do you take on the role in perpetuity, taking the reins for a period, and then handing it over to the next person never forgetting you are holding onto this role for something far more precious than just owning a club.  Something that I think Graham Turner understood, despite his sometimes fractured relationship with fans, but that David Keyte missed completely, is that while the club isn’t “owned” by the supporters, the history and the fans that supported it in the past, present and the future are those who you are holding it in trust for.  It is this trust that has been distressingly fractured over the summer.  

As I log onto Bulls News more times daily than is really healthy, it is difficult to believe how far our club has sunk.  With the eyes of the footballing world on Brazil and now on which stars are coming to Premiership clubs for eye watering amounts of money the plight of Hereford goes largely un-noticed.  Credit to Midlands Today who have kept up the media pressure to a certain extent but I am sure there is a fantastic story there for an investigative journalist looking to make a name for themselves.  It appears that the who’s who of those you seriously don’t want anywhere near your club have emerged around Edgar Street in recent months.  How many of those currently involved would come anywhere near the “fit and proper test” which as far as we are concerned seems obsolete?  And as for blaming the supporters and Bulls News for the problems – who exactly do they think they are dealing with?  

We are not a bunch of country bumpkins who would roll over and just allow our club to be destroyed.  What has been most heartening is how much people care about the club and particularly former players who have joined the Trust and who have turned out for the supporters team.  With communication from within the club being handled so poorly, I worry for those new players who have now joined the club and can only hope and pray they will be treated professionally and with respect and those who are training the team are up to the job.

So for now, what do I do on a Saturday afternoon?  Locally for me there are 3 options – Millwall, Charlton or Welling United.  While I have nothing against the first two, I don’t want to spend a fortune as a neutral going to games so on 9th August, instead of being at Edgar Street, watching us kick off the Conference against Barnet, or even St Neots I’ll be down at Park View Road, watching old boys Chris Bush and Rod McDonald and Sam Smith kick off the season as Welling play AFC Telford.  But I’d much rather be at Edgar Street, I’ve held a season ticket for the last ten years and a way of life has now vanished, hopefully temporarily, but I’m not holding my breath.  Even saying “come on you bulls” sounds hollow now, and that is the saddest thing of all.

Gomez the Mexican Cat

Tuesday Decision On Edgar Street Safety Certificate

The Council have called a meeting on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the safety certificate at Edgar Street.

The club had tweeted this morning that a club statement on the situation was 'imminent' but, after more than two hours, it still had not appeared with Council official Marc Willimont announcing the meeting date.

Redditch Secretary Says HUFC Budget Not Sustainable

Redditch secretary Dave Jones has told the Hereford Times that the club's claimed playing budget is not sustainable.

The club's CVA document claims that the club will spend £13,000 a month on football wages, on gates of 7-900. Jones, whose side attracts an average of 240 visitors per game, told the paper:

"If their budget is that high, then they will run away with the league. I very much doubt that is their budget, but if they have said that, who am I to argue?

"But, unless their home fans flock back, then no way is that sustainable. The average admission price in the league is £10. So, if only 600 people come through the turnstiles, then that is never going to be sustainable.

"That is twice as much as many teams in the league and in the case of Truro, about ten times as much."

Jones also warned that the opening day game was not going to be the walkover some were claiming: "St Neots for example have money and will be a tough game for Hereford in their opening game."

Meanwhile, the club have named another player currently at Edgar Street. On twitter they pictured a player as Paxton Ballard, who appears to be a New York native who spent last season in the US amateur divisions.

Purdie Still Waiting For Money

Rob Purdie, who is taking charge of the Hereford United Supporters Team next Sunday when they play Worcester, is still waiting for some money from his former employers

"I do not know how I am going to go about it because the Southern League have accepted them with no punishment," Purdie told the Hereford Times.

"I know some players have been paid all of their wages, others have been paid some, whereas one player says he hasn't had a penny.

"Some players have also had their £500 bonus for staying up, but some haven't.

"I will try and speak to Andy Lonsdale, along with Luke Graham, and mediate between the players.

"It is a little bit disappointing that not all of the football creditors have been paid and the punishment set out by the Southern League hasn't really been implemented."

Comments About Hereford's Proposed CVA

Bulls News has come into possession of a copy of an email sent to Marc Landsman, the Nominee under the proposed CVA. It makes a number of comments and points out some problems with company administration. After an introduction the email reads :-

My concerns are numerous, and having read what I say you might need to get Counsel's Opinion about how you proceed about the various matters I mention. So what is the basis of my concerns? They relate to the company's Articles of Association and indeed certain provisions of the Companies Act 2006. Incredibly the Articles of Association of the company are exactly how they were formulated back in 1939! They have not been changed since! On 22.07.13 there was an EGM of the company, and there were two resolutions on the agenda which if passed would have led to the existing Articles being struck out and replaced by more modern Articles. But in fact those resolutions on the agenda were not even reached, and thus were not passed. So the 1939 Articles of Association remain in place, unaltered.

You could of course download the incorporation documents from the Companies House website, but to save you the bother and £1 fee for doing that, please see the attached file. I also attach a copy of Table A (1929 version) in view of the company's Articles invoking some provisions of Table A. If you feel the need you can of course verify that both these documents are genuine, by downloading them yourself. As regards the Companies Act 2006, no doubt you have a copy of that.

Firstly I point out section 171, CA2006 :-

171 Duty to act within powers
A director of a company must—

    (a) act in accordance with the company’s constitution, and
    (b) only exercise powers for the purposes for which they are conferred.

-: and in view of what follows I think you will agree that there are a number of problems. Simply the Directors appear to have had no regard for some provisions of the company's Articles of Association.

Prohibition on Directors' Remuneration
I refer you to Articles 27 of the company's Articles of Association. Clearly Directors are not permitted to be paid, either as a Director or as an employee. But your documents, especially the summary of accounts, clearly identify that Directors have been paid. Also Keyte was paid £2500 for remaining as a non-Executive Director for one month. Clearly the Articles of Association prohibit that and the other payments to Directors. They are clearly able to reclaim their expenses, but not be paid remuneration.

Borrowing Limit
I refer you to Articles 29 of the company's Articles of Association. There is clearly a borrowing limit, limited to the amount of share capital unless "there has been sanction of the company in General Meeting". Until the 22.07.13 EGM the share capital was just less than £10000, but clearly the borrowings authorised by the Directors far exceeded that amount.

A higher amount authorised by the shareholders in General Meeting? The company was incorporated in 1939, that is 75 years ago, and a review of all General Meetings would be needed to make sure, but I can say that no one I have spoken to can recollect the Directors ever asking shareholders for a higher borrowing limit. If it is suggested that shareholders have agreed a higher limit, I think the onus is on Directors to prove that to be the case.

Doubt about Validity of Issue of Shares
I shall assume you have a copy of the agenda for the 22.07.13 EGM of the company. If that is not the case, and you would like me to forward a copy to you, please ask for a copy.

Resolution 1 permitted loans to the company to be converted into shares, at the par value of 25p each. Resolution 1 was passed, as indeed was resolution 2. Both 1 & 2 were passed as Ordinary Resolutions.

Resolution 3 was rather different. It was a Special Resolution and if passed it would have allowed the Directors to issue shares on a non-pre-emption basis. But resolution 3 was voted down by shareholders; it was not passed. (And as said above, resolutions 4 & 5 relating to modernising the Articles of Association were not discussed and thus not passed.)

I refer you to Article 16 of the company's Articles of Association, and then to Articles 34 to 38 of Table A (1929 version). Shareholders did agree quite a few years ago to increase the limit on share capital from £1000 to £10000. That is, they used the power in Article 34 of Table A.

I refer you to Article 35 of Table A. That clearly refers to what we would now call pre-emption rights.

Now we need to refer to the Companies Act 2006, in particular section 571. Clearly the drafter of the agenda of the 22.07.13 EGM realised the importance of the need for a Special Resolution. But shareholders did not pass that resolution.

I think it is arguable that in the absence of the needed Special Resolution, the Ordinary Resolution 1, which was passed, is effectively useless, and did not allow loans to be converted into shares, on a non-pre-emption basis.

In any case resolution 1 purported to allow conversion of loans far in excess of the limit on borrowings, and thus are "tainted" in more than one way.

You will appreciate that Keyte converted some loans into shares, and later sold those shares to a company controlled by Agombar, which is why that company has over 55% of the shares at the moment. But as said above in is arguable the shares should not have been issued, on a non-pre-emption basis.

I also refer you to your Nominee's Report file, at 7.4. It appears that ID Sports & Leisure Limited were somehow authorised to sell shares. That arrangement clearly cannot have been correct, if only because such shares were not issued on a pre-emption basis, and no Special Resolution had been passed by shareholders to allow shares to be issued on a non-pre-emption basis.

Doubt about validity of Directors' Appointments
I refer you to Article 25 of the company's Articles of Association. It is clear that a minimum of three Directors are required., and Article 36 says the quorum shall be two. I also refer you to Article 38, then to Article 83 of Table A (1929 version). I also refer you to your Proposal.pdf document, which at page 54 of 55 usefully lists the Directors of company, both now and in the recent past. Simply after David Keyte resigned on 17.06.14, there were no Directors until two Directors suddenly appeared on 26.06.14. Which clearly begs the question, who appointed those two? There cannot have been a resolution of the Directors, under Article 83 of Table A, so that places in doubt the validity of those two appointments.

Following on from those two appointments, two more Directors were appointed. But those must also be suspect, given the problem with the first two.

In the apparent absence of any Directors, after Keyte resigned, I think it is clear that a General Meeting of shareholders was needed to appoint new Directors, but none has been called.

This goes to the heart of the matter, given the Directors have purported to agree to your appointment etc..

So Mr Landsman, those are my thoughts at this time. There are, in my opinion, a number of issues that you should investigate further. At this time I again mention section 171, CA2006, and suggest there are grounds for believing the Directors, at certain times, have not exercised a Duty of Care.


Bulls News is also aware that Mr Landsman acknowledged receipt of that email, and asked for copies of the agendas and papers for the two EGMs held in 2013. Those were duly sent, and he has also acknowledged receipt of those documents.

Developments are expected!

Council Still Waiting For Safety Issues To Be Resolved

Council official Marc Willimont says they are still waiting for some of the documentation to be completed by the club to be able to issue a new safety certificate.

The head of Environmental Health and Planning, Willimont says a meeting is likely next week - days before the first fixture is due to take place - to determine whether games can go ahead.

Advisor Joel Nathan stated last week that they would agree terms on a new safety officer by last Wednesday - but no announcement has followed.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Beast On Trial At Walsall

The 'Beast' Alomg With Michael Townsend Pictured In November 2010
Former Hereford United striker Mathieu Manset, also known as The Beast, is on trial at Walsall.

He is understood to have met manager Dean Smith earlier this week.

This evening he played in a PSF for Walsall against Leicester and scored one goal and set up a second.

Manset is under contract with a Belgian club, Royal Antwerp.

The Beast joined Hereford United in 2009. He moved to Reading in January 2011.

Bulls August Calender

Here's a list of what's currently expected to take place in August connected with Hereford United.

August 3rd - HUFC Supporters Team Away against Worcester City Supporters  at Malvern kick-off 2.00pm
August 4th - HUISA AGM Richmond Club 7.30pm
August 5th - Supporters Team Away at Pegasus 7.30pm
August 8th - Fans Forum at The Starlite Rooms 7.00pm
August 9th - 1st team at Home against St Neots 3.00pm
August 12th - 1st team at Home against Slough Town 7.45pm
August 14th - HUFC Creditors Meeting Starlite Rooms 3.30pm
August 14th - Informal Shareholders Meeting Starlite Rooms 7.00pm
August 15th - Formal Shareholders Meeting Starlite Rooms 10.00am
August 16th - 1st team Away at Dorchester 3.00pm
August 19th - 1st team Home against Banbury 7.45pm
August 23rd - Supporters Team Away at Royston 11am
August 24th - Supporters Team Play Hereford Mayor XI at Hinton FC 2.00pm
August 23rd - 1st team Away at Arlesey 3.00pm
August 25th - 1st team Home against Redditch 3.00pm
August 30th - 1st team Home against Burnham 3.00pm

Southern League Refuse To Comment On HUST Call

The Southern League have again refused to comment to BBC Hereford & Worcester, this time over HUST's call for them to get directly involved in sorting out football creditor issues.

Despite accepting the club into the Southern League Premier for the coming season, and lifting the transfer embargo, several former employees say they have still not been paid - some having received nothing at all.

None of the first year scholars at the club last season have been paid, and several other people say they have outstanding sums to be settled. The latest of these is Rod McDonald, who tweeted earlier today that he had not been paid in full.

The PFA are now understood to be involved in the situation after being contacted by players today.

HUISA Chairman Confirms Resignation

This from HUISA:

Club Finally Begins Naming Players

Hereford United have finally started naming some of the players who have appeared in pre-season.

A tweet this morning names Luis Morrison and Sheridon Martinez as two of the squad assembled.

Morrison, a central defender, is listed as the captain. A former Stevenage trainee, he spent time with Finnish second tier side FC Ypa and the Swedish third tier with Umea. He also had a short spell at Farnborough.

Martinez, a goalkeeper, ended last season playing 19 times with Northern Premier League Division One South side Bedworth United as they avoided relegation by a single place. 

Fans Team At Malvern On Sunday

The HUST Fans Team travel to Malvern on Sunday for the second match of their 'alternative fixture list' against a Worcester City XI.

Peter Heritage, Alex Jeannin, Tony James, Steve Guinan, David Titterton, John Snape, Rob Purdie, and Scott Goodwin are all confirmed to be turning out for the Fans Team.
The Worcester side, managed by St Georges Lane legend George Rooney, will include current boss Carl Heeley and his assistant - and ex-Bull - Matt Gardiner along with several other former players and fans.

With the game kicking off at 2pm, doors are open at Noon with plenty of chances for autographs and pictures with the legends. A BBQ and bouncy castle will be there with dry, warm weather expected.

There is no entry fee for the game, with both HUST and their Worcester counterparts having turnstiles with buckets for donations to either, or both, Trusts.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HUST Call On Southern League To Resolve Payment Issues

This from HUST:

Whilst it is pleasing to finally hear a statement from the Southern League on the position of Hereford United, the statement leaves unanswered questions.

It is clear from social media that not all former club employees have been paid, including a string of 17 year old first year scholars, and that several that have been paid have not received the full amount they are due. For the Southern League to confirm the club's acceptance and the lifting of the embargo when there are still clear issues to be resolved is somewhat baffling. We understand that the people in question have struggled to get an answer from the club regarding their payments, and we urge the Southern League to get directly involved to explain to those people why they have acted before apparently meeting their own terms.

We would like to openly apologise on behalf of genuine supporters of the club to the Southern League and it's officials for any abusive messages that they may have received from Hereford United fans, but we would like to reiterate that the HUST boycott of the club is to proceed in a dignified and peaceful manner and HUST will not condone abuse towards any staff, officials, or fans that choose to attend matches while the boycott continues. We do note, however, the extreme frustration felt by fans who have been kept in the dark for long periods by both the club and the footballing authorities over the last two months.

We have attempted to speak to the Southern League as the largest single body of supporters of the club. Our attempts at communication have disappointingly been ignored. We would welcome direct dialogue with the Southern League to better understand the process that they have undertaken over the past month, and the reasoning behind their actions. We invite the Southern League to contact us at their convenience to arrange a meeting.

Whilst we are pleased to see that payments have been made to a large number of former staff, we do note that the boycott vote included provisions towards paying debts owed to the Council and the ongoing winding-up proceedings. This boycott currently remains in force and, with a CVA proposal seemingly set to include those debts, a cessation of the boycott is only likely to happen if the creditors agree to the terms offered and the court approves the proposal.

With our own AGM date due to coincide with the likely timing of that process, the question of the boycott continuing is likely to feature prominently at our AGM.

Would Gambrill Pass "Fit & Proper" Test?

Hereford United director Philip Gambrill would likely be another to fail the FA's Owners and Directors Test.

The CVA proposed by the club confirms that Gambrill, who was appointed a month ago, is subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement - a disqualifying condition under the FA's 'fit & proper' test.

He entered the IVA in July 2010 at Canterbury Crown Court with the CVA document confirming that he would be subject to it's terms until next summer.

The FA's test is a declaration to a series of statements, one of which is:

(viii) I am not subject to a Bankruptcy Order, Interim Bankruptcy Restriction Order, Bankruptcy Restriction Order or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement;

Gambrill is not the first Director to have his suitability under the FA rules questioned. Tommy Agombar stepped down as a Director after his past was revealed to be a disqualifying condition, with the test demanding that no disqualified person can hold over 30% of shares, while his son was also uncovered as having been banned sine die by the Essex County FA for non-payment of fines - another disqualifying condition.

Joel Nathan, who the CVA lists as "Interim Chief Executive Officer" at Edgar Street, is also an undischarged bankrupt.

Fans Forum Announced

Hereford United have announced a Fans Forum on Friday, August 8th - the day before the new season starts.

The club have made no announcement as yet who will be attending the forum. It is scheduled to start at 7pm in the Starlite Rooms.

Meanwhile, both Rhys Evans and Dan Walker have stated they have now received payment from the club. However the first year scholars remain unpaid.

Parrott Seeks Tamworth Away Programmes

Club historian Ron Parrott has also been organising the Programme Subscription Service for close on 30 years now, as a service to Bulls’ fans who cannot make it to matches but still like to have the programmes to read. 

Amidst all the turmoil towards the end of last season, the Club somehow failed to order the programmes from the penultimate away game at Tamworth and as a result, there are many collectors who now have a gap in their collection for last season. 

Ron would therefore like to appeal to any fans who have got a programme from this game and can be persuaded to part with it, to contact him at or ring him on 01568-797947. 

Ron commented “I hate to let people down and would be happy to pay the cover price for any spare copies”

A New Coach At Edgar Street

In their defence of their weekend tweet that caused a minor storm, the club have announced that they have a new first team coach.

32 year old Irfan Kawri is revealed as a coach at the club. He appears to have been involved since the start of July, but the first mention of his presence appeared yesterday afternoon.

Kawri is reported to have been a scout for Wigan last season, as well as being Head of PE and Sport at an independent Islamic school in Manchester.

He is previously listed as being a casual coach at Macclesfield, and a scout for Notts County, Barnsley, and Rochdale - for whom he was a youth player. He also appeared for the Zambia u20 side.

Keeper Evans Still Waiting For Payment

Former Bulls keeper Rhys Evans says he is still waiting to be paid by the club.

It is also being reported that the CVA proposal does not include any of the first year scholars that were signed to contracts with the club last season. It is understood that they are each owed around £1,000.

Agombar And Associated Creditors

One of the 'facts' coming out of the CVA documentation is that 'Associated Creditors' are owed £468,869.72.

All the entries under the Associated Creditors appear to be either majority shareholder Tommy Agombar and his companies.

The full list is:

Atherlson Limited £79,815.00
Scrooby Ltd £262,570.00
Thomas James Agombar Snr £126,484.72

It appears that having spent this money Agombar stands get it back if the CVA is agreed.

Meanwhile the directors note in the CVA documentaion that an 'allegation has been made that the large share issue made in 2013 was invalid since the correct procedure may not have been followed.'

'If it was not valid, the potential additional debt would be such that a CVA within the rules of the League would be impossible.'

BN also understands that some shareholders are considering whether the articles of association of the club should have been updated before the share issue was passed.

Who Is The Planned Fan Director?

Amongst the CVA documentation is the following:

Prize Bull Draw 10

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.10 took place on Monday night.

The winning numbers are 2, 5, 21, and 24.

Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Few 'Facts' From The CVA Documention

Some of the documentation connected with Hereford United's proposed CVA was released today. Here's a brief look.

The proposal contains over 50 pages worth of facts, figures and explanation.

In essence the reasons for the proposal is that 'it aims to preserve the business of the Company and provides for full repayment of all creditors'.

The current majority shareholder is Scrooby Ltd which is owned by Thomas Agombar Snr. Agombar is said to have wanted to be a 'Football Director like several of his friends'. 

Agombar said he knew nothing about development potential at Edgar Street until he 'overheard' a telephone call during negotiations to buy the shares.

A meeting was arranged with the 'main fan reprersentaives, but the directors did not attend because they were told the fans would not be there'.

A cash flow projection has been prepared. The main assumptions are:

200 season tickets will be sold 

500 to 600 other tickets will be sold on match days

Several large companies are interested in sponsorships. 'The amounts being discussed are in excess of £250,000'

Profits appear low at the 'several bars and meeting areas'

Website should be drawing more advertising income

The proposal confirms £20K has been lodged with the Southern League

There follows a section about the Football Creditors. They total £126K and have 'already been made' or 'are due to be made' by Mr Agombar.

In the non-preferential creditors section there is confirmation that Scrooby Ltd, another of Agombar's companies took on' the amount due to Mr Keyte.' This is stated to be £262,570.

Other loans include one from Jabac Finance Ltd of £75,000

As regards how the creditors will be paid it appears the first payment, of £86,545, will go to the Nominee and Supervisor's fees on September 14th. In essence it is said this is because of Southern League Rules which state the the first payment has to be made within 28 days of the approval of the CVA. However this money will need to be found by Agombar who will then claim it back as a creditor.

The toal amount to be paid back assuming the CVA goes ahead is stated as £931,305. However this figure is not definite as claims are still being examined.

To July 25th, Agombar's Athelston Ltd has paid out £79,815 including £2500 to David Keyte for staying on as a non excutive director for one month.

There are about 100 creditors and 715 shareholders.

The estimated deficiency is £1,412,369.

The amount of share capital is £473,008.

An estimated cashflow projection for the coming season suggests income of £1,033,900.

Season tickets £29,000
Turnstile Sales £158,000
Sponsorship £250,000
Programme Advertising £23,000
Programme Sales £23,700
Suite Revenue £492,000
Corporate Hospitality £38,200
Return Of League Deposit £20,000


Wages £129,000
Office Wages £86,400
PAYE/NI £53,850
Grounds Maintenance £18,000
Travel To Away Games £9,200
Medical Equipment £1,800
Stewards £1150
Club Secretary £23,400
Rent and Rates £49,992
Electric/Gas/Water £34,200
Bar Costs £319,800
Telephone £4,200
Programme Costs: 16,590
VAT Payable £56,410

Net Profit To CVA equals £216,000

CVA Documents Available To Read

The Insolvency Practitioner, Marc Landsman, has released several documents about the proposed CVA for Hereford United.

These are available to read at,

The IP has also released some information about forthcoming meetings.

All meetings in insolvencies must be held between 10.00am and 4.00pm.  The meeting of creditors is at 3.30pm on Thursday 14 August at the club, the meeting of shareholders is at 10.00am the next morning also at the club.  Obviously a day time meeting is likely to be difficult for the shareholders (many of whom are fans) to attend, so a meeting is also going to take place at 7.00pm on Thursday 14 August so that Shareholders can ask questions and submit proxies to be used at the formal meeting the next morning.