Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At Large And In Charge

With the wall of silence continuing from the club, it is claimed by several sources that Tommy Agombar held meetings with staff yesterday.

The simple notion that Agombar would have held such meetings fly in the face of his ban from involvement under the Owners and Directors Test and comes after he was seen berating players after the weekend FA Cup loss.

While Jon Taylor denied rumours personally that he had left the manager's job, there has been no denial from the club about other claimed departures. One of those claimed to have left this week is Laura Phelps, listed on the club's own website as Club Secretary.

Phelps was originally brought in to handle PR on a voluntary basis, but the role quickly escalated with her husband Neil working as the club's Assistant Manager.

Agombar is claimed to have told staff and players that they would be paid wages, due at the end of August, on September 29th but that is understood to have not been enough for some staff members.

Since these claims surfaced, there hasn't been a single word from the club. It's website has been dormant since the weekend loss to Ellistown & Ibstock, while the Twitter page has been inundated with requests for a statement - and clarity on the rumours - without response.

If the PR person has truly gone, then a response may never come.

FA Youth Cup Match Next Wednesday

Rob Purdie's UITC Youth Team face their next FA Youth Cup match next Wednesday, September 22nd, at Wednesfield. 

The game will kick off at 7.45pm at the Wolverhampton based side's ground to see who will travel to either Nuneaton Griff or Bilston Town in the Second Qualifying Round.

There may be spaces available to supporters to travel to the game on the team coach, details will be posted when known.

Eubanks Goal Helps Westfields Up To Second

On loan Hereford United striker Dequon Eubanks charged down a keeper clearance to put Westfields on the way to a 3-1 win over AFC Wulfrunians last night, taking them up to second place in the Midland Football League.

The fortunate deflection off his body opened the scoring, with the visitors equalising before a well worked set piece saw Craig Jones' free kick headed home. Fellow loanee Nathaniel Lewars also started the match, which was watched from the stand by several other members of the Edgar Street squad.

In the other local football match last night, Pegasus Juniors won 3-0 at Wellington. The win moves them up to tenth with up to four games in hand on the teams above them.

Elsewhere, Damon Lathrope netted a late consolation for Aldershot as they lost at home to Braintree last night, and Matt Done scored the opener as Rochdale beat Walsall 4-0.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Purdie Takes Caretaker Charge At Tamworth

Rob Purdie has been put in temporary charge of Tamworth after they dispensed with Dale Belford yesterday.

The Lambs dropped into the relegation zone of Conf North after a 3-1 loss to Stalybridge at the weekend, their seventh game without a win. Purdie, who took training tonight, will be assisted by fellow ex-Bull Paul Green.

Two further ex-Bulls in Dan Preston and Michael Townsend are also on the Lambs' books.

Local Football Tonight

With no midweek fixtures in the Southern League, football fans have a choice of two matches in the County tonight.

Westfields host AFC Wulfrunians tonight at allpay.park with a chance to move up to second in the Midland Football League after their 7-0 demolition of Rochester at the weekend.

There is a derby match at Wellington as they host Pegasus Juniors in the West Midlands Regional League. The two sides met at Old School Lane a month ago with the village side winning 2-1 after the hosts had been reduced to 10 men.

Both matches are scheduled to kick off at 7.45pm.

No Statement From Club As Rumours Grow

Rumours continue to grow about Hereford United's future as the club continue to ignore calls to make a clear statement about investment and the future direction of the club.

Claims that the current players and staff remain unpaid have gone unanswered when directed towards the club on Twitter, with further claims that promises to players that August's wages would be paid yesterday had gone unfulfilled.

Andy Lonsdale, in his last public statement on September 8th, had assured fans that the money would be paid last week.

However the club did move yesterday to say that claims that the club were to relocate home matches to Harlow Town were untrue:

However the response did not quash further speculation that the club was to move training to Bedfont & Feltham, 130 miles away, where a summer trial had taken place and where Andy Lonsdale was previously involved.

The club has already allowed United In The Community to take over the Victoria Park lease, meaning both that site and the Belmont Abbey training facilities were out of the club's hands - leaving the first team to train on the Edgar Street pitch.

Westfields told Bulls News at the weekend they had not been approached, and had no space to accommodate another team anyway, and Pegasus Juniors have also previously stated they would not be willing to host the club under present circumstances.

The fans continue to demand answers. The club would be wise to provide them quickly.

Johnson: I'm Not A Football Man

Herefordshire Council leader Tony Johnson spoke to Howard Bentham on this morning's BBC Hereford & Worcester breakfast programme to explain the Council's decision to pursue the debt owed by Hereford United.

Johnson admitted he wasn't a football fan, but still wanted to see football stay at Edgar Street as the public wanted it to stay there.

Firstly, Johnson was asked why the Council had now decided to chase the money: "We really do want to see the continuation of football at Edgar Street, and we didn't want to do anything to jeopardise that position.

"There's been a general level of misunderstanding really, the position has always been that if the club had been wound up we would have got exactly the same amount of money whether we had been petitioner on that CVA or not. But the public, understandably, are very concerned about all sorts of things one of which that we didn't appear to be bothered about getting this £65,000 back."

Bentham then questioned whether the Council would prefer the whole ground to move and with the new shopping centre next door it would be a 'perfect chance for the Council to cash in': "I wouldn't say it was a perfect chance but, obviously, that is something that could be considered. 

"The facts are that we actually want football to continue at Edgar Street. We would dearly love football to continue there. The public are clearly very much in favour of it. We represent the public - why wouldn't we want football to continue?"

Bentham queries whether the public are in favour with only around 500 turning up to watch games this season, and asks how seriously the Council have considered redeveloping the ground without football involved: "We're not considering ending football there at all. It is our intention, as far as it is in our hands, to make sure that football does continue at Edgar Street. That's an absolute fact - we're not considering doing anything else with the ground."

Bentham further pressed Johnson on the matter, to sell off the ground and put the money into Council services: "I'm not a football supporter as it happens and I could present you with a case for playing football somewhere else but there's a history to this whole thing. 

"It's been played there for goodness knows how many years. It's part of the city, it's part of the fabric of the city and I personally see no reason why we should try to move it anywhere else. Why don't we continue trying to get football at Edgar Street. That's what the public want, and that's what the Council wants."

Council Patience Wears Thin After Three Months

Yesterday's news that Herefordshire Council were to finally seek full payment of the outstanding £65,000 sum comes after being initially promised full payment more than three months ago.

It was on June 12th when the Council put out a press release that first noted that they had been promised full payment by Tommy Agombar:

'HUFC currently owes the council in the region of £65,000 in rent arrears, business rates and legal fees and the council has been assured by the new owners that all outstanding monies will be fully re-paid.'

A month later, on July 15th, the Hereford Times reported that the Council were preparing a report to determine their options to reclaim the leases:

'The paper also reports that, behind the scenes, the Council are frustrated that promises made by Agombar over payments have not been met, but they would make no official statement. Councillor Jim Kenyon and others have repeatedly called for the leases to be terminated with immediate effect.'

By September 3rd, the Council had decided to take a back seat on the debt despite heavy pressure from supporters and the local community, with many musing that they would stop paying their Council rates if the authority did not see a point in chasing £65,000:

The Council still took a further 12 days to realise and rectify the massive PR own goal they had managed.

Prize Bull Draw 17

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.17 took place on Monday night.
The winning numbers are 5, 9, 16, and 20.
Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

Monday, September 15, 2014

And Man Utd Fans Think They Have A Glazer Problem

With Premier League club fans argue the toss over whether £850million was enough to spend in a transfer window, Hereford United and Salisbury City fans are being torn apart by owners that collectively didn't break a fiver to 'buy' their clubs.

The following has been posted on the 'official' Salisbury City site, the site run by the Moroccan businessman that not only owns the club but is also now Head Coach... 

...and player:

Salisbury City FC is pleased to announce that it has played its first match under its new ownership group led by Dubai based Moroccan businessman and current Chairman A.S.Outail M.Touzar, the match was the first one since end of last season Conference Premier Campaign took place Sunday in London against Iran All Stars team and in front of an invitation only crowd ended with a 3-0 loss but showed positive glimpses and great potential from a recently assembled squad including many Trialists with Conference football experience and some talented top EPL and Championship clubs Academy graduates. The match which was also a historical day since it was first time the youngest Chairman in English football recent history assumed the Head Coaching job on the interim after being appointed by the Club the day before and also played a part in the match,Mr.Outail M.Touzar became at age 32 youngest Club Owner/Chairman/Head coach/Player in the World,an achievement that was never done before and sure it will stand for many years to come,the record came in a match that follows a long and dramatic summer which saw the club getting relegated from Conference Premier and later harshly expelled from the Conference South a decision which the club is still taking all the necessary and available steps to overturn including the recent club request to the Football Association to go to Arbitration and apply its Rule K which the club and its legal advisors is very confident and optimistic it will finally bring justice to Salisbury.

Club Director and Shareholder Hasan Albaqali commented ” We are very happy that we finaly were able to play our first match this season,I first want to thank the players,the Coaches,the FA,the Wiltshire FA and everyone who made this possible,it comes as a result of a lot of work done behind the scenes by our Chairman Outail,his advisors and the Executive Management Team and we chose it to be the best way to show that everything is in place at Salisbury City FC in order to compete and play football this season,we had a long debate as to where we should play our first match and we decided it was best to play it away to show our fans that it is real and actually happening and to prepare the team for its next big match at the Ray Mac stadium in Salisbury very soon which we are planning to play with a surprise opposition and hopefully win and bring some long awaited joy to our fans and supporters”

Club Chairman A.S.Outail M.Touzar added “I dont know what to say,today is a historic day,since day one I always believed that the best way to silence critics is to let our actions speak for itself and no other action is better than finally putting Eleven men on the pitch and play football,for myself it is an honor to carry another record on my shoulder after accepting the club decision to appoint me as Interim Coach and make me youngest Chairman/Head Coach in the world also I had the Honor to participate in the match for few minutes and I will tell you a secret,the last time I played a football match was actually in Dubai couple years ago with global football legend Diego Armando Maradona in Dubai whom I send my regards to and since that day I decided that I will not play football again unless it is a very special occasion which makes it more memorable for me,now I want to Thank the players,the coaching staff,my partners Hasan,Rachid,Aziz and the others for making this day a reality and I would like to inform the fans that we have all the necessary ingredients for success,a good squad,qualified coaching staff to assist me until a full time coach in appointed and we have a series of top quality friendly matches in the works home and away,I understand most of the supporters had special bond with Coach Mikey and the the lads from last season but in football world,players and people come and go no matter how special they are but organizations has to always stay first”

Hopefully somebody else unfit to run a football club won't get any ideas from this...

Council To Add To Winding Up Petition

Herefordshire Council say they will add their name to the current winding up petition in order to reclaim the outstanding £65,000 debt.

The Council have told the club they will consider deferring payment if the club hands over development responsibility on Edgar Street to the Council.

This from Herefordshire Council:

Herefordshire Council has today (Monday 15 September) informed Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited that it will be supporting the current winding up petition and seeking full recovery of all monies owed to it by the club.

Both parties have previously stated their commitment to maintaining professional football at Edgar Street.  Whilst the council very much hopes that football will continue, it must balance this wish with its responsibility to recover the outstanding monies.

As such, subject to the position of other creditors, the council is happy to discuss deferring payment with the club (for a set period of time), if the council assumes responsibility for redevelopment of the ground and ends.  If this is agreed, it would allow the club to focus on football.

Do The Council Know What They're Doing?

Fans are still waiting for the promised Herefordshire Council statement about the Edgar Street leases.

A statement was promised, on Thursday, by leader Tony Johnson to be issued either that week or early this week. The Council still have not received the £65,000 owed by Hereford United. 

The debt comes at a time of heavy cuts to the Council budget. The authority have already admitted a 'complete misjudgement' over cuts to grass cutting after a 2,000 signature petition was amassed on the subject.

While that petition was listened to, one nearly four times the size was ignored by the Council relating to the club and Edgar Street. The Council have told the petitioner, since the initial rejection that took more than two months, that the rejection was partially on the grounds that some signatories were not resident in the County - and that there was no right of appeal to the rejection.

The Council's own rules accept signatories from outside the area, and allow the petitioner to request that the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee review the actions taken in regards to the rejection of the petition - leaving the petitioner with the impression that the Council appear unable to follow their own rules.

Bulls News understands that the Council have been conducting a review of the lease agreement, having used a third party to produce the leases originally with their own legal team not having full knowledge of the deal, before issuing the statement.

It all reminds of an old football chant "You don't know what you're doing".

A new petition is underway, calling on the Council to take action on the £65,000 debt. That petition is at

News Round-Up

Ryan Bowman has been called into the England C squad for their forthcoming games with Turkey and Estonia. Southport pair Daniel Lloyd-Weston and Micah Evans are on the standby list. Martin Foyle apologised to Southport supporters after his side lost 2-0 to Alfreton at the weekend. Karl Hawley scored one of the goals to give the Reds their first win of the season.

Ellistown & Ibstock have been drawn at home to Halesowen Town in the Second Qualifying Round of the FA Cup after their win over Hereford United at the weekend. Port Vale have changed their pricing levels to sell early bird tickets up to three hours before kick off. The £3 discount comes on a £26 Adult ticket in League One.

John Coleman is favourite to become Accrington's manager for a third time after James Beattie quit the job last week. Beattie is touted to be the next Leeds boss, with Coleman currently managing in Ireland. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

HUST AGM On Thursday

This from HUST:

HUST’s AGM is set for this Thursday, September 18th, at the Richmond Club on Edgar Street in Hereford. The meeting starts at 7.30pm.

All members are welcome to attend. Members are asked to bring their membership cards to confirm their membership.
Both full and junior memberships are due for renewal at the AGM. Renewal forms will be available on the night.

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

The following is reported from Talksport, who interviewed Ellistown & Ibstock United's chairman:

Tommy Agombar was seen berating players after the match, alongside an unnamed individual, despite being claimed to be nothing more than an enthusiastic season ticket holder:

as tweeted by one of the Ellistown players
There is a simple demand, at another low ebb for the club, that the truth is told to supporters. They are the people that genuinely care about the club, that have seen generations of their families go through the cascade of emotions that are associated with being a fan of this club.

The current controllers of the club seemingly have no perception of the depth of feeling of the supporters, and they have totally ignored - week after week - demands to inform fans as to the future for the club.

The club's only two remaining Directors - John Edwards and Elke Thuerlings - have disappeared from the face of the earth as fast as they appeared. Their claimed good intentions appear currently to be a mere charade to cloud the actual control of the club.

Andy Lonsdale and Tommy Agombar - and whoever else is actually in charge - seemingly have no ability to comprehend the pain and suffering going on at watching this pathetic pantomime that sees the club a laughing stock with players still unpaid and wondering if they have a bed to sleep in each night due to mounting debts.

The club needs to be honest, something promised by Andy Lonsdale - but never delivered - some weeks ago. The fans need honesty, openness, and an explanation in clear, simple, language as to how the club will continue into the future. 

And this truth should be told today.

Westfields Not Approached For Training Facilities

Westfields Chief Executive Andy Morris spoke to Bulls News on Saturday afternoon to quash rumours circling around about the club.

He denied that the club had been approached to use their allpay.park facilities as a training ground: "It's never even been discussed. I've visited Edgar Street once this season to sign forms for the loans. We've got 11 teams of our own, and the Sixth Form here on Wednesdays, and during the day the groundsman is working on the pitches. 

"We simply haven't got the space for any more sides anyway even if we were asked."

Manager Sean Edwards also spoke about the loan players: "I've been crying out for a striker for a year or more. We were offered Nathaniel Lewars and agreed to take him on a 28 day loan. We also took Paul Mahony on 28 days then afterwards we were told by Jon Taylor that Dequon Ebanks was also available so we took him as well."

"If we hadn't taken them someone else would have. You can see today what they did for us."

Westfields won their game with Rochester 7-0, with Nathaniel Lewars netting a hat trick and Dequon Ebanks also scoring. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Game Of Two Halves

Unofficial Archiver watched today's FA Cup match:
There’s a road just outside the village that i live in called “Shambles Close”, and for me today the Shambles was very close by indeed – a short 30 minute drive across the county to Coalville Town, which it has to be said is a fairly nice little ground – basic but with a steep embankment behind the one goal.
The 1st half was about as one sided an affair as you could imagine as Hereford should have been 4 or 5 up at least at half time with Bilal Yafai looking particularly good in midfield. The 1st goal was bundled home by Serge Mo Diop at the near post from a Traore cross on 15 minutes – this was after he had missed a similar chance, and Yafai had forced the keeper into a decent save. The 2nd goal was gifted to Yafai after a Ellistown defender tripped over the ball leaving the midfielder the relatively easy task of firing past the keeper. Baker-Kone missed a decent opportunity with a weak volley when well placed. For all the possession that the team in white had, far far too often they wanted to do a trick and embarras their opponents when a simple ball could have carved the lower graded opponents open – i think that Baker-Kone must be French “for will not pass the ball”, and he and Mo Diop certainly didnt impress as a times they didn’t seem particularly bothered – A Steve Guinan or an Adam Stansfield type attitude would have seen a hat-trick of goals against them.
Half time saw the introduction of Bradley Fortnam-Tomlinson for Baker Kone, but it was the Ellistown subs that made the real difference. The 2nd half turned on a moment of stupidity from Traore – he was bought down outside the Hereford box, and grabbed hold of the ball as he expected a foul – the referee pointed to the spot as it was blatantly deliberate handball – regardless of whether it was a foul or not, he should not have done what he did. A secure spot kick gave Luke Williams no chance and Ellistown scented blood. One of their substitutes bundled home an equaliser a few minutes later after a goal mouth scramble and from then on there was only going to be one winner, and that winner didnt take long to arrive, the no.11 for Ellistown (Johnson i think) showed good composure when one on one with Williams to send the home fans “wild”
Steve Vetier and Jordan Jivanda came on for Hereford during this turnaround – Jivanda making his debut replacing Luis Cutajar (i think), who had to leave the field through injury.
The referee gave the bulls a lifeline in the final minute of the game when Yafai was adjuged to be fouled in the box – up stepped Javia Roberts but his penalty was well saved by the keeper and this proved to be the last kick of the game.
I wish i could say that i was gutted that we threw it away – but i found it amusing, and just goes to show how far removed from my heart the club is now. A few vocal supporters gave their support for Tommy (who must have been a guest today as he was once again in the Directors Box despite being banned by the FA from having any involvement in the club) but i hope that was the alcohol talking – i dont want to critise a fellow fan, after all we’ve all been through a hell of a lot during our time, but seriously???
The only unfortunate thing is when the judges finally get tired of the promises, this result will be removed from history – Ellistown & Ibstock United don't deserve that – certainly there fans deserve better – worth mentioning a couple of their chants
“Whats that coming over the hill, it’s the taxman”
“Bust in the morning, your going bust in the morning”
We can but hope!

Lewars Scores A Hat Trick For Westfields

Hereford United striker Nathaniel Lewars netted a hat-trick for Westfields as they beat Rochester 7-0 in their Midland Football League match at allpay.park this afternoon.

The home side named both Lewars and Dequon Ebanks in the starting line up, with Paul Mahony on the bench. Lewars completed his hat-trick with a late penalty, with Ebanks also scoring in the romp. 

Goal of the day was a absolute world class finish from Craig Jones that left the Rochester keeper shaking his head in disbelief. Sam Gwynne and Joel Edwards were also in the Westfields side with the game watched by 151.

Two Goal Lead Wasted In FA Cup Shock

Hereford United crashed out of the FA Cup in the First Qualifying Round after losing 3-2 to Ellistown & Ibstock United today.

Despite having a 2-0 lead at half time, with Bilal Yafai and what has been reported as an own goal but credited to Mo Diop, the visitors pulled level with two quick goals from Ben Harris and Mander Bains before Adam Joynson scored with 20 minutes left to put the minnows ahead.

Hereford United missed a last minute penalty with Javia Roberts' spot kick saved to put the home side, from four tiers below, through to the next round.

200 people watched the game at Coalville's ground.

Petition To Call On Council To Act On Debt

A new petition has been created calling on Herefordshire Council to act on the debt owed by Hereford United. The petition reads:
Like other authorities, Herefordshire Council employs a policy of vigorously pursuing private householders and small businesses for debts that have accrued when Council Tax and Business Rates payments have been allowed to lapse. Therefore we note with dismay the authorities seemingly relaxed attitude towards the £65K debt owed to it, and therefore to the council tax payers of the county, by HEREFORD UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB (1939) LIMITED due to non payment of the Rent, Business rates and legal expenses related to the Edgar Street Stadium site. This site is after all owned by the people of Herefordshire and entrusted into the custodial care of our elected representatives.

Herefordshire council have recently stated that they are not vigorously pursuing this debt at this time as it does not affect the solvency of the Council. However at a time when roads are not being repaired, grass isn't being cut and public conveniences are closed as well as cuts to other public services continuing to bite, this statement rings a hollow note.

We the undersigned therefore demand that Herefordshire Council, without further delay, take the necessary legal steps to ensure full and immediate payment of this debt.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Favourites To Win Cup Trip

Hereford United are 4/9 favourites to win tomorrow's FA Cup match at Ellistown & Ibstock United.

The hosts are 4/1, with the draw 7/2. It is the first Hereford United game that a UK bookmaker has offered odds on in nearly a month.

Only minnows Betway offered odds on the first two League games of the season, with Bet Victor the only firm to offer FA Cup odds after seven games without a single offer.

Ellistown & Ibstock play in the East Midland League Division One, three levels below the Southern League Premier and on a par with the West Midlands Regional League of Pegasus Juniors and Wellington.

They have lost only one of eight competitive games this season, beating Aylestone Park FC 4-0 on Tuesday night, and have kept five clean sheets.

No News On "Big Changes"

Despite club chairman Andy Lonsdale saying during a BBC Hereford & Worcester interview that there would be "big changes" last week, fans remain none the wiser about the investment and ownership of the club.

The comments on September 1st promised a changed role for Lonsdale, new investment from Alpha Choice owner Alan McCarthy and a second unnamed party, and new Directors to be appointed however a statement a week later avoided talk of investment or new roles, and confirmed that no new Directors had been appointed.

The only confirmed movement at Edgar Street has been on the playing side. Four players have debuted for the club in the last couple of games, while four more have departed, and another is to arrive in the form of Harry Agombar. Vital Swindon has this to say on the midfielder:

Tommy Agombar was part of a consortium with Jed McCrory and Steve Murrell who brought in son Harry when he was involved at the club last season. Agombar Jr. has yet to feature for Town and is unlikely to ever do so.

The four departures are understood to be the start of a squad overhaul after a disastrous start to the season. Three of the players have joined Westfields, two divisions below in the pyramid, while captain Luis Morrison-Derbyshire left by mutual consent after an apparent disagreement with manager Jon Taylor.

Taylor is understood to be seeking new training facilities for the club after United In The Community took over the lease on Victoria Park in addition to their tenancy at Belmont Abbey.

Finances still remain a concern at the club with promises, but no confirmation, that the current players would be paid this week. The £3,000 on offer for tomorrow's FA Cup tie winners would appear to be sorely needed as investment into the club remains up in the air.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Youth Team Get Wednesfield Trip In FA Youth Cup

Wednesfield will be the opposition that Rob Purdie's youth team will face in the First Qualifying Round of the FA Youth Cup.

They beat Rugby 2-0 in tonight's match, meaning that the UITC side will travel to the outskirts of Wolverhampton for a chance to progress after their win at Malvern on Monday night.

HFA Girls Player Development Centre

Council To Make Statement On Club Debt

Herefordshire Council leader Tony Johnson has held talks today with the Council's cabinet over the club's unpaid debt.

Despite repeated promises, the £65,000 sum remains unpaid with Johnson stating, as reported by the Hereford Times:

"I'm aware of the amount of public interest. The council has to come to a decision to the point when it chooses whether to pursue money owed to it.

"There are a number of implications and the council has to protect its position in relation to protecting public assets."

He added that a statement regarding the authority's position would be released no later than early next week.

News Round-Up

Edgar Street will host a Stuart Greig memorial match on September 24th when friends of the late fan will take on a Hereford United XI. 'Little Stu' was a regular at Edgar Street and a group of his friends will field a team in his memory, with the game kicking off at 7.30pm.

Dorchester have named Graham Kemp as their new permanent manager. The 48 year old joins from Poole based Wessex League side Hamworthy United, with a club statement saying his ability to work on a budget and produce local talent impressed the club Directors.

Westfields beat Tipton Town 3-0 last night with all three loan players from Edgar Street starting the game. Nathaniel Lewars scored the third goal with former Bull Joel Edwards netting the first. A number of fans have expressed concern at Westfields' choice to sign the players.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Agombar At Hereford

Agombar at Hereford in the summer
Swindon manager Mark Cooper has told BBC Radio Wiltshire that midfielder Harry Agombar is to join Hereford United on loan.

The 22 year old hasn't made a first team appearance at the County Ground since signing while Jed McCrory was Chairman at the League One club. He was handed a squad number in the summer, but is still to debut for the club.

Agombar was at Edgar Street during June and early July, claimed to be assisting Mark Ellis and Jon Taylor with training.

Bulls News understands that several more of the club's current players have been made available to loan.

Council Give Clearer Visitor Book Images

Herefordshire Council have uploaded clearer images from the Visitor Book on dates when meetings took place regarding Hereford United:

Unusual Training Methods

A number of eagle eyed fans couldn't fail to spot a surprising new training method this afternoon.

News Round-Up

Nuneaton have sacked manager Brian Reid after just five months in charge. The Scot won just two of ten games in charge after succeeding Kevin Wilkin. Caretaker replacement Mark Noon saw his side beat Forest Green 1-0 last night. Dorchester have announced the death of kitman Alex Legge at the age of 38, who was the son of the club's President.

Gloucester City's planned new stadium is set to be discussed by the local Council planners in October. The 4,000 capacity ground will be on the site of their old Meadow Park home, which was put out of use by flooding in 2007. The site will comprise a 1,000 seat stand and three sides of covered terraces.

Kyle Perry scored for Altrincham in their 1-1 draw with Alfreton last night. It was the Reds first point of the season after seven straight losses. Ryan Bowman netted for Torquay as they won at Chester. Joe Connor scored the only goal of the game for Southport as they beat Kidderminster. Richard Brodie was sent off for two bookings. Chris Bush scored with a free kick as Welling beat Braintree.